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Hi, looks like you’ve just stumbled upon my site – good on ya.

Here I showcase some of my work and write about interesting stuff that I learn/realize/come across. From web design to poetry, from recipes to personal considerations, this blog is quite like me: many-sided.

Have a look around and see for yourself what is all about. You’re more than welcome to hang around, leave a comment, subscribe to my RSS feed and get in touch.

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I have this thing about bears…

Posted on in Travel

His name is Romeo and – as hard as it is to believe – we’ve been together for 29 years now. I was only three when we first met and yet I remember it. I recall unwrapping this huge birthday present with that pure, breath-taking excitement you only [...]

Moelleux au Chocolat

Posted on in Recipes
Moelleux au Chocolat

Baking is great. It’s like making potions. You need to correctly weigh the ingredients and carefully mix them, following the instructions. Many things can go awry, you could easily end up with a three-headed muffin or see your cake develop odd bubbles and deep craters. But when the [...]